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TSA Job Openings

The Texas Speleological Association
has the following prestigious volunteer positions open.

The following positions are available for someone to make a name for themselves in Texas Caving.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to say you've held this position.

Contact the TSA Chairman for more information.


Description:  This is a newly-created position to coordinate all official TSA Projects. The Project Chair has no authority over individual Projects, but acts as a liaison between the projects and the TSA Executive Committee. He or she tracks Memoranda of Understanding (MOAs) and other written contracts between TSA Projects and outside agencies or organizations, such as The Nature Conservancy or Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; maintains contact with individual Project Leaders; gathers reports from individual Projects to summarize into a report at each of the three annual TSA Meetings; tracks Project data and reports to the Texas Speleological Survey and any other partner agencies and organizations; facilitates advertising and announcing of Projects; and reminds Project Leaders of their annual obligation to submit articles to The TEXAS CAVER.

Requirements:  Applicant will likely spend several hours each week communicating with Project Leaders. Must have email and telephone access. Must prepare summary report on all Project activities to be presented at each TSA meeting. Should be able to hype TSA Projects in appropriate caver forums in order to gain participation. Should also encourage follow-up trip reports. Must have a passing familiarity with all the TSA Projects, and also participate in them if possible.

Benefits: Knowing when and where all the cool caving trips are happening. Experience and a TSA e-mail address to use for Project correspondence. Getting your picture and contact information listed on the Officers/Contacts page. Knowing that you are making TSA a better organization. Helping to keep our partners, like Texas Parks and Wildlife, happy.

Store Keeper

Description:  Someone who will take care of the TSA store items including books, patches, t-shirts and other items as they come available.  The responsibilities will include storing the inventory, hauling it to conventions and other TSA events then selling items once there..  The position will involve handling money received from sales and turning it over to the TSA Treasurer when the weekend is complete.  Additional responsibilities will include responding to and shipping orders from the online store as they come in.

Requirements:  The applicant must be honest, responsible and egoless to hold this thankless position.  The applicant will be expected to pass on family events, trips to Mexico or other wonderful places to have the store items on-site when a TSA Event is scheduled.

Benefits: experience and a TSA e-mail address to use for store correspondence.  Being able to say you did a good thing when the convention is over.  Get your picture and contact information listed on the Officers/Contacts page.