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Subjects of Interest to Cavers

Accident at 0-9 Well

Biological Hazards  A review of some uncommon caving hazards.

Caver Memorials:

Caver Memorial Page  In memory of those no longer with us.

Rod Goke Memorial Page

Donna Mossesmann Memorial Page

Pat Copeland Memorial Photo Album

Donna Mossesmann Memorial Page

CAVERNET  Lots of Cave related stuff and plenty of links and more links!

Deepest Caves - Texas  The Official Texas Deepest Caves List from the TSS Website

Deepest Caves - USA  Caves over 400 feet of Vertical Relief (Compiled By: Bob Gulden).

Deepest Caves - World  Caves over 800 Meters Deep (Compiled By: Bob Gulden).

Longest Caves - Texas  The Official Texas Longest Caves List from the TSS Website

Longest Caves - USA  Caves over One Mile Long (Compiled By: Bob Gulden).

Longest Caves - World  Caves over 15km Long (Compiled By: Bob Gulden).

Pit Etiquette  Information for cavers concerning multiuse of pits.

Show Caves of the World

Texas Show Caves

Texas Rope Rescue Providing training for Fire, EMS, and Industry in Technical Rescue, Fire Rescue, Confined Space, Cave Rescue, Vehicle Rescue, SAR and Wilderness First Aid. Also providing refresher classes.

The Oztotl Page  The origins of Oztotl and other curious information.

WNS - White Nose Syndrome Links to Information