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Honey Creek Water Cave

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Meeting Times & Places:

Trips are approximately bimonthly but on no regular schedule, no more than once per month, and generally announced at UT and Bexar Grotto meetings, on the Texas Caver Net, the Texascavers mailing list, and TSA Calendar when there is time.


To thoroughly explore and survey the cave.


Occasional trip reports in The TEXAS CAVER , TSS Monograph 1,Geomorphology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, and evolution of the karstic Lower Glen Rose Aquifer, south-central Texas--describes the origin and development of Honey Creek and nearby caves in considerable detail. The map is updated periodically and distributed to interested parties. The survey data need to be transferred out of Cave View and into WALLS, so maps have not recently been produced, but should come out again sometime later this year.

Honey Creek's 2006 length is about 32.1 km.