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Duties of TSA Officers

Nominations for TSA officers are in process.  This page is an excerpt from the TSA Constitution describing the duties of TSA Officers.

Article IV: Officers

A. The Executive Council consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and the Chair of each standing committee. Elected officers shall take office on the first day of the New Year.

  1. The Chairman, when present, shall preside over all TSA meetings.

  2. The Vice-Chairman is responsible for meeting and program arrangements and shall preside at TSA meeting is the absence of the Chairman.

  3. The Secretary records the minutes of TSA meetings and maintains a current list of members.

  4. The Treasurer keeps track of TSA assets by maintaining adequate financial records, including those for The Texas Caver.  The Treasurer prepares a budget for the fiscal year, maintains the membership database, and insures the database is available electronically to the membership.

B. A vacancy in any elected office other than that of Chairman may be filled by the Executive Council by appointing any full member in good standing or by special election if so desired by the Executive Council.

C. The Vice-Chairman shall fill a vacancy in the office of Chairman.

D. Officers may be removed from their position by a three-quarters majority vote at any Member Meeting.

NOTES:  The vice chair has historically organized the TSA spring convention.  And the chairman is responsible for organizing the TSA business meetings...ie preparing agendas, scheduling the meeting...keeping things moving at the meetings....and being a "speleo-referee" to keep things civil.