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Texas Cavers' Reunion

The BIGGEST Caver Party in the state of TEXAS

The 2017 40th Annual Texas Cavers Reunion will be held October 12-15 at Paradise Canyon Park.

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The 39th annual Texas Cavers Reunion will be at Paradise Canyon Campground below Medina Lake on the currently raging Medina River. There will be the usual revelry! Rope climbing contests, surveying contests, mud wrestling contests, speleolympic contests, costume contest, food eating conte… err, not so much a contest…, dishwashing contes…, crap… YES - a DISHWASHING contest, kegs of beer, story telling, swimming, parade, hot tubbing, door prizes, kayaking, river tubing, slides, sashaying, mooching, lying, goofing off, horse play, dumbassery, giddiness, hugging, handshaking, camping, mocking, and general capering about. Come early, on Thursday for the primo campsites. There are four cabins and an RV for rent through Paradise Canyon, please contact them for price and arrangements.

If you are a caver, spelunker, troglodyte, cave manager, cave guide, cave owner, cave archeologist, cave lover, cave explorer, cave diver, cave biologist, cave geologist, cave hydrologist, cave climber, cave squeezer, cave aficionado, cave critter, or caver supporter, caver financier, cave surveyor, cave mapper, naked caver, cave gear vendor, long suffering cave spouse, cave divorcee, cave widow please consider attending. If you aren't, you will be vetted, someone better vouch for you or we may use you as a bad example and let the fairies have you.

If you have children or pets, please keep them leashed, clean up after them (bring your own poo bags). We expect them to be quiet and well mannered. Poorly mannered children and pets will be handed over to the cooks or Ogres for disposal.

NO GLASS CONTAINERS in the park. None. If you are a cook, you are not included in this mandate, unless you go near the river.

Please bring your own utensils for the Big Feed on Saturday night.

Please help us keep the park owner happy with us by being conscientious with trash, the park is open to the public during the rest of the year and bottle caps, twist ties and other minutea of debris gets left behind. With so many environmentalists present at once during our event, if everyone picked up a few things the park would SPARKLE, so would the owners smile!

Create a prize winning, memorable Magical Forest Creature costume! Get on it!!

The Texas Speleological Association and Texas Cave Management Association are having a meeting Sunday morning, schedule to be announced.

If you have suggestions on how things could be better, feel free to implement these ideas (of course please consult me first).  Cavers make this event happen from the ground up.  Those already involved know what they do and we thank you for making it happen.  If you are interested in volunteering to lend a hand to make this event run smoothly, let me know.

Held every fall, the Texas Cavers' Reunion attracts about 400 cavers from Texas, the United States and other countries.  Many caving vendors are present so you can touch and feel that potential new piece of caving gear before you buy.  The feature event is the supper cooked on site by many Texas caving cooks. 

We are always looking for the perfect camp site for TCR. If you know of any other sites that that would be a good place to hold TCR, let us know. Our general requirements are: Easy access; A running stream for swimming; Some semblance of remoteness from houses; Trees. Other things which would be nice are: Electricity; Running water; Flush toilets.

We always need a little assistance in setting up and running the event. If you or your Grotto would like to help, either with site preparations or an event during TCR, just let know by clicking here.

A Bit of History

The Texas Old Timers' Reunion was organized in 1978 by Gill Ediger, Chuck Stuehm, and Mike Walsh in order to fill a need created by the absence of a TSA Labor Day Project during most of the previous decade. It was felt that the TSA needed a fall caving event to bring Texas cavers together for fun and frolic and social interaction, all an important part of most cavers' caving education and experience.

Over the years, the event grew from the original 90 participants at Luckenbach to well over 500 at recent gatherings. A few years ago the name was quietly changed from TOTR to TCR--the Texas Cavers' Reunion--to avoid confusion with the "original" OTR--Old Timers' Reunion--in West 'by God' Virginia. Although many cavers help with the event, the general philosophy is to try to make the Reunion appear that it just happens spontaneously without any or much direction from anybody.

Past Reunions have been held at the following places:

1978 Luckenbach

1979 Cypress Bend Park, New Braunfels

1980 Reimers' Ranch

1981 Reimers' Ranch

1982 Krause Springs, Spicewood

1983 Krause Springs, Spicewood

1984 Blue Hole, Wimberley

1985 Texas Canoe Trails, New Braunfels

1986 L&L Campground, New Braunfels

1987 L&L Campground, New Braunfels

1988 Lone Man II Ranch, Wimberley

1989 Lone Man II Ranch, Wimberley

1990 Lone Man II Ranch, Wimberley

1991 Lone Man II Ranch, Wimberley

1992 Lone Man II Ranch, Wimberley

1993 Lone Man II Ranch, Wimberley

1994 Flat Creek Ranch, Johnson City

1995 Flat Creek Ranch, Johnson City

1996 Flat Creek Ranch, Johnson City

1997 Little Arkansas, Wimberley

1998 Chalk Bluff Park, Uvalde

1999 Flat Creek Ranch, Johnson City

2000 Flat Creek Ranch, Johnson City

2001 Horseshoe Ranch, Luling (near)

2002 Horseshoe Ranch, Luling (near)

2003 Honey Creek Water Cave

2004 Flat Creek Ranch, Johnson City

2005 Flat Creek Ranch, Johnson City

2006 Honey Creek Water Cave

2007 Paradise Canyon Recreation Park

2008 Paradise Canyon Recreation Park

2009 Paradise Canyon Recreation Park

2010 Hidden Falls Adventure Park

2011 Flat Creek Ranch, Johnson City

2012 Paradise Canyon, San Antonio

2013 Paradise Canyon, San Antonio

2014 Guadalupe River RV Park & Campgrounds, Spring Branch, TX

2015 Paradise Canyon, San Antonio

2016 Paradise Canyon, San Antonio

2017 Paradise Canyon, San Antonio