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2006 TSA Spring Convention

For more information, contact the TSA Vice-Chair at TSA Vice-Chair

This year's convention will be at John Knox Ranch in Fischer, Texas. The dates are May 19th - 21st, 2006.


Join the Texas Speleological Association and cavers from all over Texas for the 2006 TSA Spring Convention. The TSA, founded in 1956, has been bringing cavers from around Texas for 50 years.

The TSA Spring Convention will be held at the John Knox Ranch. Located in the heart of the Hill country, near Wimberley, John Knox Ranch is one of the most unique and beautiful camp and retreat centers in Texas. Covering 300 acres, John Knox Ranch lies on the banks of the Blanco River. The Ranch has its own 30-foot deep artesian, spring fed Blue Hole surrounded by limestone cliffs. The Blue Hole feeds lovely Carpers Creek, which winds among Pecan, Walnut, and Bald Cypress trees until it meets the Blanco River.

Map Salon

For more information, contact the TSA Vice-Chair at TSA Vice-Chair

Photo Salon

Click here to download this form for the photo salon entry.

For more information, contact the TSA Vice-Chair at TSA Vice-Chair

Attend the Spring Convention:

Download the registration and information form in PDF format.

All registration will be conducted at the convention. Registration will open at 4 pm on Friday, May 19, 2006.

  • Individual Registration; $25.00

  • Family registration: $45.00 (plus $8 for each 5-18 year olds for the meal.)

The registration fee covers:

  • Camping sites. The ranch has full facilities.

  • And a full weekend of caving talks about various exploration projects and other cave related topics.

  • Saturday evenings banquet and auction of cave related items by the TCMA. The proceeds of the auction will benefit the Deep Cave Preserve.

  • Map Salon and Photo Salon. Enter your best map and that great photo!

  • Speleo-vendors selling the latest in caving gear, publications and other assorted cave related widgets, gadgets and gizmos.

  • The TSA Spring Business Meeting

  • The spring business meetings of the Texas Cave Management Association and the Texas Speleological Survey.

  • $1.00 of your registration fee goes into the TSA Land Fund Trust.

A few more details:

  • Please camp in areas designated for TSA camping.

  • We are sharing the ranch with a wedding on Saturday afternoon. Lets be good neighbors!

  • The public consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the ranch; please respect their rules. And if you decide to enjoy your favorite beverage, please drink responsibly.

  • Swimming in the Blue Hole without a lifeguard being present is prohibited. The TSA is soliciting qualified volunteers to serve as lifeguards.

  • Swimming in the Blanco River is permissible, but is discouraged by the Ranch.

  • Entrance into any caves on the ranch is not allowed without permission. Please check with registration for details.

  • The Ranch requests that dogs be well behaved and must be kept on a leash at all times.

The TSA encourages everyone to be safe, considerate and responsible.