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2007 TSA Spring Convention

For more information, contact the TSA Vice-Chair at TSA Vice-Chair

Pre-Registration Form (PDF) - Deadline 4/5/2007

Join the Texas Speleological Association and cavers from all over Texas for the 2007 TSA Spring Convention. The TSA, founded in 1956, has been bringing cavers from around Texas for 50 years.

The 2007 TSA Spring Convention April 13-15 will be in Albert, Texas at the historic Williams Creek School, built in 1897. Talks will be held in the original stone schoolroom and salons will be in the "new" section, added in dogtrot style in the 1950s.

Location MAP

The grounds are available for camping.

Albert is located just 6 miles south of Stonewall, on FM 1623. Stonewall is on Highway 290 about half-way between Fredericksburg and Johnson City.

In the vicinity: Luckenbach (Albert Luckenbach sold his store in Luckenbach, moved to Martinsburg, started a Post Office and renamed the town after himself, Albert, since there already was a Luckenbach); and the LBJ State Historic Park.

Dog lovers/dog owners, good news for you, dogs are welcome, although Gillespie County requires dogs be on leash and the school is owned by Gillespie County.

There will even be some parking for self-contained travel trailers and RVs.

Check here for more details as things develop.

Site Information

Saturday events include presentations, map and photo salon, time to check out vendors, TSA meeting, a great dinner, a salon presentation, and the TCMA auction.

Sunday morning activities so far are: TCMA breakfast for a donation, and the TCMA meeting.

On-site registration will start at 4:00 pm on Friday.

There is a green space reserved for wandering, running about, frisbeeing, or ???

Electricity is available in the buildings for presentation and salon needs, and for limited use near the building.  Vendors may wish to bring heavy extension cords and lights.

There is water available at a faucet at the well pump near the building.

If you have any questions about facilities, contact TSA Vice-Chair.

Map Salon

Download the 2007 TSA Judging Criteria (PDF)

For more information, contact Map Salon Chair Ed Goff

Photo Salon

Download Salon Judging Criteria (PDF)

Download Salon Entry Form (PDF)


For more information, contact Photo Salon Chair Ed Goff