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Texas Cave Conservancy

PO Box 153034
Austin, TX 78715


President: Mike Walsh

Vice President: Steve Gutting

Secretary-Treasurer: Bob Finger


Associate Membership: $25 Individual, $35 Family, other categories on their website

Meeting times & places - Second Wednesdays at 7pm in Austin.

Activities - Provides access for several Grotto exploration and mapping projects around the state including Austin, Camp Wood, & Cleo areas.  Develops & manages cave preserves. Works with cavers and cave owners to increase awareness of conservation and effective management.  Sponsors a TCC Weekend each year, an Open TSA Weekend each year and sponsors other TSA meetings.  The TCC has access to over 100 caves.

The Texas Cave Conservancy was chartered in 1994 as a non-member, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the protection of caves, cave life, and aquifers as related to caves. The TCC conducts public education, scientific research, and cave management activities. The organization manages several dozen caves within 40 separate preserves in the Austin, Texas area.