Mike Moore

From: Margo Moore, 1 May 2002 

Please let all the cavers from Austin, San Antonio, and elsewhere know how much I appreciate their support over the last few weeks. First while Mike was in the hospital and then after his death. I appreciated the offers of places to stay while we were in San Antonio. I wish that there had been more time to take them up on their generous offers as I am sure that I would have gotten to know more of Mike's friends.

I want everyone to know that Mike enjoyed caving above all the other activities he had participated in over the years. Caving and Mike just went together. Even when he had stopped caving for a few years, he still talked about it and you could see the gleam in his eyes while he thought about it.

Caving has its risks, but I knew that he took the proper precautions while he explored the various caves. He could have still had an accident and been hurt or killed, but I would never have tried to stop him from doing what he really wanted to do. Just like he would never stop me from horseback riding which also has its own risks. You cannot live life without risks, otherwise you are not living the life you were given to the fullest. This is the philosophy that Mike lived by and he adhered to it. Now I just have to live up to his standards if I can.

I hope to see you all on Saturday. If you cannot come, then take a moment on Saturday and think of something Mike said that made you laugh, cry, get mad (with him or someone else because he was good at both), or caused you to think a different way about something. I will be doing this a lot for a long time.

Margo Moore