Bert Olsen

From: Dorothy Olsen, August 2008


Just wanted to let you know that Bert passed away July 16, 2008. He had been in the hospital since Feb. 4, 2008 and never came home. The times he spent caving was enjoying to him. Leaving out on Friday night and coming back on Sunday night.

Dorothy Olsen


Dorothy, It was with great sadness that I read your e-mail this morning as the sun was coming up over the Sandias. Bert was one of the best caving partners we had back in the 60's when we were making those long weekend trips. I will always remember with great fondness the trip we made out to New Mexico with Roy Carpenter in the old International Scout. There were four of us in that rough riding "SUV" and I remember that we were packed so tightly with all the rope and ladders for the pit we were going to explore that two of us had to take turns lying on top of the gear all the way out to Carlsbad and back. But we found the cave and started the initial exploration for modern day explorers. Years later I went back with a proper team and we surveyed the pit cave called Deep Hole that had what was probably one of Jim White's original stick and fence wire ladders dropping down along side of our rope. I have pictures of Bert from that trip here in New Mexico, somewhere in one of my moving boxes (we are still in the process of moving).

Dorothy, I sure the caving community will be shocked to learn of Bert's passing and we all want to remember him with pictures and great caving stories. I am going to copy this note to a few of the other cavers that were all very fond of Bert so that we can share some of the stories with you and the family. Chuck Larsen, George Yeary and Larry Register are three more that I want to contact, but presently do not have their postal or e-mail address.

Are you still living in Duncanville? Can you and the family help us to make a proper caving memorial to Bert? We would like to publish something in the local Dallas Ft. Worth Grotto newsletter (called the Oztotl) so that we can share the good times we had with Bert with others that may not have known him quite as well. I am so happy that you have contacted me with your e-mail and please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. 

 - Pete & Karen Lindsley