TCR Photos - 2006

Welcome to the TSA TCR 2006 Photo Pages

Welcome registration camps people eating cave night

Several photographers that contributed to these photo pages from the 2006 TCR. So far we

have had over 700MB of digital photos sent in, most of which are shown on these pages.

The photographers included Bill Bentley, Steve Fleming, Butch Fralia, Ernie Garza,Keith

Heuss, Carl Kunath, Puppy Lewis, Nico, David Ochel, Bill Steele, and Joel Williams.

Many of the pictures were "tweaked" to adjust the light and dark areas, and the final picture

that you get when you click on a thumbnail is 600 x 800 pixels. We have placed the photos

into six categories to make it easier to see the photos during multiple sessions. Look for your

favorite pictures in the following:

Registration & vendors

Camps & Stuff

People & Trucks

Eating & Meeting

Cave & Rigging

Night Fun & Games

All the photo groups are linked together with the menus at the top, and once you click on a

particular thumbnail you have the option of going back to the group index or just clicking on to

the adjacent slide. You can also display each group as a slide show.