Fred Sawin

From: Carl Kunath
November 3, 2005

It is with deep regret that I announce the passing of Fred Sawin.

Fred explored some of the Austin area caves when just a schoolboy in 1945.  Although he had been acquainted some of the UT cavers as early as 1956, his experience with organized caving began in 1962 when, by happenstance, he officed near enough to the Physics amphitheater to overhear some of the interesting caving discussion and he was soon on a trip to Palmito at Bustamante, Mexico.  Fred continued to cave with the UT group until he left the area in 1965.

More recently, Fred attended some of the Texas Caver Reunions and the 2004 UT caver reunion at Mo Ranch where his company was enjoyed by all. Fred's death on October 25, 2005 was the result of a cancer that first struck some years ago but was in remission until very recently.

I hope that in due course a proper obituary will appear in the Texas Caver.

We are diminished.

===Carl Kunath