Randy Waters

From: Bob Cowell, January 2006

Kurt Menking just called me advising me of the passing of long time caver Randy Waters of the former San Antonio Grotto and the Bexar Grotto. No particulars are available at this time as they just found him when his family came home a little while ago. Randy had been sick for the last few years.

From: Bob Cowell, August 2008

Randy died a few years ago from complication of throat cancer. Per his request he was cremated and his ashes was scattered by his daughter in Honey Creek at the bottom of the shaft entrance. As you know Randy was very instrumental in the early years discoveries at Honey Creek and was one of the many from Bexar Grotto that did the blasting of the shaft. His wife still works at SWR and his daughter has since joined the army and is currently in Iraq. Randys greatest gift to caving was his great cave maps, bug collecting, ridgewalking, as well as photography. A total caver, I still miss him.