Alfred J. Brandt

Passed away 12/3/1996

Al BrandtAl Brandt

Here is some information on Al Brandt. He was born Dec 25, 1928 and died Dec 3, 1996. Al was on the discovery trip for NBC in 1960. He lived in San Antonio for many years and worked as a jailer for the city. When he retired, he move to his favorite city: Comfort. For many years Al had family in Comfort.

We was working for a garage in Comfort and had a massive heart attack and died on the spot.

I met Al in 1961 as a student at St Mary's University. Al Brandt and Orion Knox taught me how to survey using a tripod mounted Brunton and we surveyed Madla Cave in Helotes Texas.

Al had been caving for many years before I met him in 1961.

This goes with the image I sent you.