2020 Virtual Convention

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The TSA, founded in 1956, has been bringing cavers together from around Texas for over 50 years.  TSA Spring convention is a great time for all of us to come together with family and friends to enjoy group meals, presentations, workshops, new works at the Map & Photo Salon, treasures at the TCMA auction, business meetings, and your favorite vendors.


This year's photo and map salon are now live! For the first time ever, we will be hosting a popular vote where you can help decide the winners, so head on over to the Photo Salon and Map Salon pages, take a look at all the amazing entries, and cast your vote!

Date and Time

This year's convention will be held on October 17 starting at 12:00 noon. Bring your lunch and your computer (or phone or tablet) and join us for some great socializing and presentations.


Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Convention will be held virtually via Zoom. But that's not going to stop us from having a great time. Call in details will be announced in the weeks prior to the Convention.


Registration will be free for all attendees. Sign up on Zoom to add the event to your calendar:  https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIpd-yhqzgsE9bSdU-KpGftxZgCp19nrj1a


Carrey Bull
Carrey Bull
Colin Strickland
Colin Strickland
Lilliana Wolf
Lilliana Wolf
Bree Jameson
Bree Jameson
Bill Steele
Bill Steele
Dave Jackson
Dave Jackson


12:00 PM    Lunch and Social Time

Bring your lunch or a snack and sign in early to catch up with your caving friends from all over the state. 

12:20 PM    What is the TSA?

TSA President Jessica Gordon will give a short intro into what the Texas Speleological Association is and how it supports cavers and caves throughout Texas.

12:30 PM    Carrey Bull - It’s the Little Things

Accidents are rarely one large bad decision, but can usually be traced to a number of smaller decisions/mistakes that added up.  We will walk through a recreational cave trip by looking at the little things we may normally overlook in an effort to make us all safer.

1:00 PM    Colin Strickland - Central Texas Cave Life

Starting at the entrance and working my way deeper I will show photos and videos of the commonly encountered organisms found in Central Texas caves.

1:25 PM    Storytelling Contest hosted by Bill Steele

Listen to your fellow cavers tell short stories about their caving experiences. To sign up to share your own story, email Bill Steele at speleosteele@aol.com. Stories have a strict five-minute limit and must be about something in caving that actually happened (non-fiction, true life). The winner will receive an autographed copy of the new caving book "Hidden Nature" by Michael Ray Taylor

1:55 PM    Lilliana Wolf - Modelling the spread of white-nose syndrome in Texan and Mexican karst regions

In my presentation, I will give an overview of the state of white-nose syndrome in Texas, and my efforts to model the regions of Texas and Mexico where we can expect the load of the fungus that causes the disease to be the greatest in the future.

2:25 PM    Bree Jameson - Does the NSS have a Diversity Committee?

Let's sit in the discomfort together as we address the very real need for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work in society, STEM, and nature in general. Allies and minority cavers welcome, but those that don't see a need for DEI work are STRONGLY encouraged to attend! This will be an organic, respectfully uncensored, and interactive talk with Q&A discussion to follow. Attendees will be challenged to lead with compassion and curiosity, to recognize the validity of experiences different than their own, and to go forth with a broadened perspective.

2:50 PM    Caver Trivia

Are you smarter than a spelunker? Think you know your caves? Try your hand at identifying caves from around the world and Texas. Winner receives a coveted TSA T-Shirt and an elusive Texas bat sticker!

3:10 PM    Bill Steele - Two River Caves of Texas

Spring Creek Cave in Kendall Co. is 2.7 miles in length. The DFW Grotto has had a project the past decade of the exploration and mapping of tributaries of this cave.

Honey Creek Cave, Comal Co., is 20.7 miles long and is Texas’ longest cave. Exploration and mapping of it was steady from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s. Recently the TCMA entered an agreement with the ranch owners allowing four exploration and mapping trips annually to address the 179 leads remaining on the lead list.

3:40 PM    Dave Jackson - Exciting developments at CaveSim during Covid

Texas cavers who've seen CaveSim at TCR will be excited to know that we've been working on several new projects during the pandemic. We're building not one but two new mobile caves, and both will be much more realistic, larger, and more complex than the existing CaveSim. Join us for a sneak preview of the new caves, and hear about the role that several Texas cavers have played in the project. We'll also share pictures, stories, and video from the incredible 6 weeks of CaveSim programs that we did around Texas just before Covid, as well as the online programs that we're doing now. By bringing CaveSim to TCR, you've enabled amazing programs for kids around the state. Join us to bask in the glory of all that you've made possible, and to see how your fellow Texas cavers are helping with programs at schools. For more information or to help support CaveSim check out https://www.cavesim.com/support-the-new-cavesim/

4:05 PM    Awards and Final Door Prize

Find out the winners of the Story Telling Contest and Caver Trivia. We'll also hold the final door prize of the event.

4:30 PM    TSA Meeting

TSA Members and Non-Members are welcome to join to discuss the current and upcoming TSA business.


  • Socializing - Being virtual is no reason not to socialize. Bring a beer or a snack and sign in early to chat with your caving friends.
  • Speakers - There will be several great talks delivered by Texas cavers
  • Story Time - Bill Steele will be hosting his always popular Caver Story Time event
  • Door Prizes - Door prizes will be awarded throughout the event
  • Map and Photo Salons - Send your maps and photos in. They will be featured on the TSA website and there will be prizes for all winners.
  • TSA Member's Meeting - We'll be holding our TSA's members meeting open to all interested attendees.

Map Salon

Enter your cave map in this year's map salon. Please submit all entries to vice-chairman at vicechairman@cavetexas.org.  Check here for more information and entry rules. Entries must be submitted before October 10 at 11:59 PM.

Photo Salon

Enter your photos in this year's photo salon. To enter up to 2 photos, please complete the photo salon registration online form or email your entry to vicechairman@cavetexas.org. Entries must be submitted before October 10 at 11:59 PM.


Additional discussion available on the Facebook event page.

Need more details? Email Kris Peña, TSA-Vice Chair